Choreographer, performer and teacher, living in Barcelona.

She is currently a part of the Big Bouncers Collective together with Cecilia Colacrai and Mireia de Querol, with whom she created several pieces (Big Bounce, Big Bounce Site Specific, OVNI, Jungle, If we were alone in the universe it would be a big waste of space…, among others).

The Big Bouncers received the “Applause to the emergent creation” prize of the Sebastià Gasch Awards 2015, and a nomination for the best dance performance at the Awards of the critics of performing arts (Catalunya) in 2018.

At the moment she is directing a piece Poruszony Las (Moving Forest) for the Pryzmat company, Olsztyn, Poland.

Since 2015 she has been managing the space for creation La Visiva in collaboration with other artists.

She is also a member of GRUA (Research Group of Artistic Universes) with Pere Faura and Claudia Solwat. GRUA generates new contexts of artistic exhibition, such as “Caravana de Trailers” (Festival Grec/ Festival Sismògraf, Festival TNT), and “Tacet” (Festival Grec).

She is a part of Group LaBolsa that created The Measure of disorder, directed by Thomas Hauert and premiered at the Grec Festival 2015.

She previously collaborated with makers such as Pere Faura, Joao Lima, Maria Montseny, Mira Calix and Alexander’s Annex (London), Oriol Roca and Vrak ‘Trio (France).

She worked with various companies: Àlex Rigola, Erre que Erre, Sol Picó, Iliacan, Búbulus, Array (London), F. & C. Ben Aïm (Paris). She participated in projects Caldera Express directed by Julyen Hamilton and John Jasperse.

She guided physical preparation for actors in theatre productions by Pau Carrió and Àlex Rigola and created choreography for plays Henry V, Hamlet and Twelfth Night directed by Pau Carrió.

Since 2000 she has been teaching contemporary dance, improvisation and composition in different international dance centres.

Since 2016 she is a regular professor at the Superior Conservatory for Dance at the Institut del Teatre, Barcelona.