Big Bounce/Site Specific: Proposal for non-theatrical spaces

The Big Bouncers Collective in their performances for non-theatrical spaces proposes a work focused on the relationship between movement, word and space. 

The specificity offered by each space where the work is presented serves as a trigger to display imagery from which to compose the piece. The investigation is based on the chosen venue, and more specifically on its origins. We investigate its history, its transformation through time, its various uses, the people who have inhabited it, its role in the community, its influence on the environment and vice versa, anecdotes and personal memories, important events, etc. The compilation of all material emerged from the research serves as the basic material to start our compositional display and is the inspiration source used to put into practice the tools to create the performance. Big Bounce / Site specific proposes a game around the concept of time and possible derivatives and / or versions of the same origin. We enter the field of possibilities which emerge from the personal and collective imaginary inspired by a common space, and we translate it into bodies that are transformed, modified, replaced, complemented, versioned, etc. Taking the theme of the origin as a starting point, we manipulate and transform the source opening new possibilities of past and future; and we question: When do we start counting in time to determine an origin? What possible futures are derived from the same source? How can be deduce different pasts from particular point?