; BIGBOUNCERS – Cecilia Colacrai, Mireia de Querol, Anna Rubirola

We are a collective founded by Anna Rubirola, Cecilia Colacrai and Mireia de Querol.

We work together because we believe in the potential of a collective thought and because we are interested in creating our own artistic language that arises from a multiple and complex vision of reality. We understand the stage as a terrain that allows us to display our artistic vision, imagination, humour, mistakes, critical thought and the evocative potential of the movement language.


The Big Bouncers Collective is part of the educational project of EL GRANER Creation Center

PLATA (2023) We propose a performance that is developed in non- conventional spaces of transit, and it counts with a numerous artistic team.The gestures, actions, pauses, glances of the passers-by are the material to play with and to generate an expressive code that forms a new language. We want to create a framework in the mode of “contagion” on the basis of this new shared code, understanding that we can all affect one another and that what surrounds us constantly modifies and transforms us. The proposal aims to generate real exchanges between artists and local people, between physical materials and the spaces in which they intervene, thus creating a single piece for each site, a SITE SPECIFIC that invites us to reconquer and give new meaning to public spaces.

IF WE WERE ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE, IT WOULD BE A BIG LOSS OF SPACE (2019) is the result of the necessity to share, transmit, develop and multiply the possibilities of the choreographic language generated in Big Bounce, our first piece as a collective. In this occasion we have doubled the number of performers, multiplying the possibilities to create new imaginary through other bodies that generate new realities, new memories…suggesting parallel universes that question at the idea of origin from other perspectives.

JUNGLA (2018). With this piece, we entered into the world of the youngest audience, creating this work for a very concrete age, infants from 2 to 5 years of age. What attracts us in this early stage of life is the clean and open gaze of the children that receive information without discriminating and judging and that expose themselves to stimuli without pre-conceived filters. We believe that this is a very special opportunity to present movement and different scenic elements as a new language that stimulates the senses on all levels.

ACTE REFLEX (2018). In this project we asked ourselves how to share and transmit our passion for movement, stage and collective work to 14-years-old teenagers. We wanted to underline the idea that each of us has their own point of view and that when these different points of view are joined together, they build a richer and much more complex universe. To make this possible, we investigated their interests and desires, working on expression of identity based on one’s own gaze and the gaze of the other.

OVNI (2017). Following the logic of the shared game started in Big Bounce, we entered into the universe of objects and we investigated the duality they offer as recognizable functional objects in opposition to plastic and visual elements. We also wanted to explore the possibilities of the scenic space in more depth, using elements such as light and scenography as essential parts of the piece. Through a writing that is based on the visual association, we were able to talk about overproduction, accumulation, and durability and reflect on the consequences that these may have on our planet in the long run.

DOPPELGÄNGER (2014). In this piece we, for the first time, focused on the work of another artist, the sculptor Tom Carr and the work of his team TCTeam, in order to unfold imagery through bodies in dialogue with his work. We were interested in presenting our work in a new context, such as Catalan contemporary art centres, so that our artistic proposals would arrive to other types of audiences that are perhaps less used to attending dance performances.

BIG BOUNCE /SITE SPECIFIC (2013). We discovered that BIG BOUNCE had a potential to be transformed into a device that allows for the creation of many versions, each of them taking the history of a specific space and context as a thematic base. Following this idea we were able to approach the history, the uses and peculiarities of different spaces, such as La Pedrera, the MACBA, the Convent de les Arts d’Alcover, the MNACTEC Terrassa, the Antic Teatre, the Parc Nou d’Olot, among others. Like this, we were able to transform BIG BOUNCE into a versatile project that reached a much wider audience.

BIG BOUNCE (2013) is our first project as a collective. It arises from the wish to share tools for creation, to discover multiple visions of the same form and to allow the body to transform itself in reaction to interferences of the other. In the creative process we were interested in the spoken word as a tool that allowed us to evoke multiple realities in an apparently empty space, in a dialogue with the evocative potential of bodies in motion, offering a diversity that travels from the concrete to the abstract. In this work, we all the time include the gaze of the audience, emphasizing the present moment from which the individual imagination is triggered and the shared image is shaken.