The founding members of the Big Bouncer collective, Anna Rubirola, Cecilia Colacrai and Mireia de Querol, are independent artists living in Barcelona.

They have an extensive career both as solo artists and as collaborators with other artists, as well as in teaching dance. They are also managing various activities in the La Visiva space for creation.

In 2015, the collective was awarded the Premi Sebastià Gasch, Aplaudiment a la creació emergent, FAD award for emerging artists for their performance BIG BOUNCE.

Their piece O.V.N.I. was nominated for Awards of the critics of performing arts (Catalunya) 2018 as the best national dance piece.

The three founding members started working together in may 2012, sharing their interests and developing a common practice with the wish of investigating and deepening their knowledge in the new scenic languages and generating their own work methodology. Since the beginning, their work has been developing and articulating around three main lines of action: creation of pieces for stage, creation of “site specific” performances for non-conventional spaces and pedagogy.

Their interest and the trigger for collective work lies in the body and the possibilities it has to offer, allowing themselves to cross the borders of dance in order to understand all the elements that intervene on the scene (set design, lights, sound, objects, spoken word…) and treat them with the same parameters. The Big Bouncers generate a specific practice for each project, which allows them to discover a distinct physical vocabulary, adequate for the proposal.

Their performances try to invite without imposing and suggest without limiting the spectator’s imagery. Until now, they have crated pieces, such as Big Bounce (2013), Big Bounce Site Specific (2013), Doppelgänger (2014), I see a spider on the wall (2014), O.V.N.I. (2017), Acte Reflex (2018) and Jungla (2018).

Their performances try to invite without imposing and suggest without limiting the spectator’s imagery.

The work of the Big Bouncers collective has been presented in different venues and festivals, such as Mercat dels Flors theatre, Festival Salmon, Festival El Més Petit de Tots, Fira de Tàrrega festival, La Pedrera Foundation, MACBA, National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia, Festival Sismògraf, Teatre Principal of Mallorca, Convent dels Arts d’Alcover, Antic Teatre, Festival Grec, La Caldera, El Graner, among others.

At the moment, they are working on the adaptation of their first performance, Big Bounce, in order to create a version with 6 performers titled “If we were alone in the universe, that would be a great waste of space …”. This adaptation will be presented within the framework of the Constellation Big Bouncers in April 2019 at Mercat de les Flors.

In recent years, the collective has also participated in various other activities, such as Primera Jornada de Reflexió sobre la creació 2019, a conference on creation organised by the Association of Dance Professionals (APDC) at the CCCB (Barcelona); the In Residency 2018 project, carried out in the Moisès Broggi Secondary School and promoted by the Culture Institute of Barcelona (ICUB) and the Consortium of Education of Barcelona (CEB); they transmitted the Big Bounce performance to the students of Institut del Teatre Barcelona as a part of the subject Repertory II; they give workshops on tools for creation and dance workshops for families in different venues in Barcelona and surroundings.

The Big Bouncers regularly collaborate with other artists and professionals that contribute to the growth of their various projects: Urša Sekirnik, Joana Serra, Oriol Roca, María Alejandre, Anna Bohigas, Tristán Pérez Martín, Pablo Mo Ramírez, Anna Boix, Laia Montoya i Imma Romero.

Presentation Dossier (English)

Cecilia Colacrai

Mireia de Querol 

Anna Rubirola