Acte Reflex is a piece of the Big Bouncers Collective made jointly with the high school students of the IES Moisès Broggi, within the framework of the project EN RESiDÈNCiA 2018, promoted by the Institute of Culture of Barcelona (ICUB) and the Barcleona Education Consortium ( CEB); in cooperation with the Association A Bao A Qu.The purpose of this project is to introduce contemporary creation in public secondary education centers through direct and continuous contact between creators and students.
Throughout the school year, and within school hours, students participate in the conception and realization of an artistic piece.

From the beginning of this project we ask ourselves: What moves us? What interests us? How do we feel identified, close, comfortable? What or who makes us a mirror in this moment of our lives?
The piece is built from reflections. Reflections of what we are, what we would like to be, what we imagine. Reflections where fiction and reality, truth and lie, image and imagination are confused, where what we see allows us to dream of other possible worlds.
This show attempt to reflect a process of collective construction, where each person contributes to the group and where the group offers support to the individual, creating a kaleidoscope of reflections.

Direction: Colectivo Big Bouncers
Creation and performance: Francisco Almarza Perez, Kalkidan Alpuente, Carla Baró Fabró, Lucía Contreras Acera, Joel Davies Canet, Òscar Freixa Navarro, Maria Fernanda Escudero Vaca, Maia Fernández García, Camila Denise Godoy, Núria Machaca Morales, Sara Muñoz Cotoré, Carolin Nicole Soto Medina, Ignacio Pereyra Álvarez, Júlia Polo Balaguer, Marina Puig Asso, Maya Robinson Uribe, Vivian Yuliani Romero Meza, Christian Rumenov Betov, Luana Santos Crespo i Mar Vega de Gea i l’equip docent Marta Moragues, David Arnaiz, Estel·la Clopés i Estefania Figueras.
Lights design: Joana Serra.
Sound design: Pablo Mo Ramírez
Special thanks to Ursa Sekirnik for her accompaniment, Marta for her patience, dedication and trust, to all the students for encouraging us to travel with us and allowing us to remember our adolescence and continue learning from them.

The residence of the Big Bouncers Collective in the IES Moisès Broggi has been coordinated by Graner-Mercat de les Fors.

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