Big Bounce takes the name of the theory and the scientific model related to the formation of the known universe. From the interpretation of the Big Bang the cyclic or oscillating model is derived, in which the first cosmological event was the result of the collapse of a previous universe.


Big Bounce is a piece based on movement and speech which treats the concept of origin and plays a game of unfolding different possible futures which derivate from a common origin. Big Bounce proposes a trip that questions the temporality of the scene throughout moving bodies which transform, alternate and complement each other continuously. Big Bounce takes the name from the homonymous theory that suggests that we could be living in the first of all universes, but that it is equally probable that we would be living in the universe two thousand million (or whatever in an infinite sequence of universes)

Artistic details:
Creation and performance: Cecilia Colacrai, Mireia de Querol i Anna Rubirola
Artistic collaboration: Joao Lima, Federica Porello.
Audio editing: Pablo (Mo) Ramirez.
Lighting design Joana Serra.
Voices: Cristina Carrasco and Clàudia Solwat.
Video and photo: Pablo (Mo) Ramirez, Tristán Pérez Martín, Alba Suñé.
Big Bouncers was created in:
tragantDansa,  La Caldera, La Visiva, i Burdag Studio (Polònia).
In collaboration with: Institut Ramón Llull.
Thanks to: Joao Lima, Federica Porello, Iris Heizinger, Pablo Mo Ramírez, Roger Llimós, Tristán Pérez Martín, Olga Tragant, Alba Suñé, Roger Puig, Andrea Acosta, Claudia Solwat, Cristina Carrasco, Velvet Sweatshop.

Dossier BigBounce (English)