The word Doppelgänger comes from Doppel, which means “double”, and Gang, which means “walking” and could be translated as “the one who walks aside.” It is also used to refer to any double of a person. Moreover, the word is also used to describe the phenomenon in which you can see you own image from the corner of your eye.

In this piece we wanted to address the theme of duplication using two bodies and their shadows. We create a display that generates visual illusions that hide and rebel relations created by two mobile fickle and changing silhouettes.
This piece has been created to interact with the installations by the team Tcteamwork and the other works presented in the exhibition “Tom Carr.Ecos Charles Buïgas.” The games of light and shadow that are generated in the installation suggest the idea of duplication and become the perfect setting for the creation based on the concept that is developed in “Doppelganger.”
The dialogue between light and shadow opens the possibility to create links between the visual art works and the performance and thus the game of overlapping bodies proposed by the actions of the dancers is amplified and becomes a meeting point of several languages ​​and varied looks.