By Big Bouncers

Constellation Big Bouncers:
April, 11- 13rd. Mercat de les Flors
21h (Saturday 21:30h)
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What purpose does an object serve? What purpose does a body serve? What purpose do we serve as the audience? And as performers? What purpose does the set serve?

O.V.N.I is a piece that revolves around these questions. It proposes a journey in which the roles of bodies, objects and the audience’s gaze alternate. This piece toys with stretching the boundaries of what is visible and generating new relationships and new ways of looking at the scene. This new project of the Big Bouncers Collective wants to explore the relationship between the object, the body, the context and the meaning. Although objects are always tied to concrete usage and meaning, what happens when they alter their functions? What happens when they cease to be identifiable, namable?

The stage offers an ideal setting to give life to the invisible. To transform, expand and reread the relationship between the body, the object and the context. In order to question, even, the function of the diverse elements of the scenic fact: performers, public and scenario.

Direction Big Bouncers (Cecilia Colacrai, Mireia de Querol i Anna Rubirola) / Creation and performance Cecilia Colacrai, Mireia de Querol, Anna Rubirola, Ursa Sekirnic / Text Big Bouncers, Tanya Beyeler / Voice over Tanya Beyeler /Lighting design Joana Serra / Artistic collaboration Tanya Beyeler / Design scenic space and objects Maria Alejandre / Clothing designJorge Dutor /Audio design Pablo Mo Ramírez / Video and photo Tristán Pérez Martín /Distribution Laia Montoya /Production Anna Bohigas
 Festival Simògraf, Graner fàbrica de creació, Antic Teatre / With the supportDepartament de Cultura, Generalitat de Catalunya / With the colaboration La Visiva, Graner fàbrica de creació, Sharing&Moving-International Residencies, Festival Interplay de Torino, La Caldera, L’Estruch, L’Animal a l’Esquena, Festival Grec