We propose a performance that is developed in non- conventional spaces of transit. The gestures, actions, pauses, glances of the passers-by are the material to play with and to generate an expressive code that forms a new language. We want to create a framework in the mode of “contagion” on the basis of this new shared code, understanding that we can all affect one another and that what surrounds us constantly modifies and transforms us. The piece is based on 3 key concepts: contagion, transit and trace. Contagion as a positive value of transformation.We want to provoke an expansion, contagion of movement, laughter, energy… that starts from the individual every-day body and its relationship with the immediate environment, and that connects with the collective body. We want to claim public space, space of transit, as everybody’s space and we see the state of transiting as a necessary action that putsus in relationships and therefore affects us. At the same time we want to underline how our actions and movements leave a trace in spaces in which we as human beings intervene.

The piece counts with a numerous artistic team.
The proposal aims to generate real exchange between the artists and local people and between physical materials and the spaces that are intervened, there by creating a unique piece for each venue, a site specific performance that invites us to reconquer public spaces and give them new meaning.

Plata (Spanish for silver): chemical element with atomic number 47. A soft, ductile and malleable transition metal that has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal.
PLATA is a performance that uses transitional spaces to highlight the idea of contagion, affectation, expansion and transformation of what we perceive. PLATA proposes a transition from the daily and individual gesture to the potential of abstraction, and offers the possibility of looking at the spaces we inhabit from a different perspective, allowing us to be affected by what surrounds us.

Idea and direction: The Big Bouncers Collective
Creation and interpretation: Mireia de Querol, Anna Rubirola, Cecilia Colacrai, Urša Sekirnik, Diana Gadish, Ariadna Grau
Soundscape: Miquel Casaponsa
Production: Rita Stivala
Supports: Suport a la creació de Fira de Tàrrega; ICUB Ajuntament de Barcelona; Departament de Cultura Generalitat de Catalunya; El Graner; La Visiva; Fabra i Coats; Premi Carlota Soldevila Teatre Lliure, Figueres es Mou Festival, IN SITU European platform for artistic creation in public space.