; Workshops – BIGBOUNCERS



Intensive workshop on compositional tools: “Catalogue of mistakes”.

The aim of this workshop is to share tools of composition directly related with the piece BIG BOUNCE The focus of interest is centered in the idea of origin, in the work of the movement trajectory and in the different possibilities that rise from the same starting point. 

This workshop can be offered as a laboratory of creation, with the extra goal of generating a score which can be shared with the audience.

Training, technique and improvisation

These trainings are thought to develop both the physical capacities of the participants and to stimulate their perception, and to offer a space than enables an active and flexible game. We are interested in understanding the body and the dance from different points of view, and for that we combine technical work with more open spaces for movement research.

Dance workshop for families

We will work with different games and with movement tasks in which all, no matter the age and the experience in dance, are invited to take part.

We will explore our own space, the common space, the distances and relations between the bodies; the time: the different speeds, the relation with the music and the sounds; the relation with different material and objects.