; Wallflowering – BIGBOUNCERS


By Iris Heitzinger & François Boillat

Big Bouncers Constellation:
April 11-12th, Mercat de les Flors
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With Walflowering the choreographer Iris Heitzinger and the actress Françoise Boillat embark on a quest for female identity and the construction of social gender roles. Walflowering is an exploration of self-perception in everyday life, of the expression of our own femininity and the difficulty to life up to or escape social norms and the expectations, which derive from them. In a society where image, appearance and impact on our surroundings have gained disproportionate importance we are often obliged to present and represent ourselves.

Concept, artistic direction and performance Iris Heitzinger, Françoise Boillat / Artistic advising Guillaume Béguin, Dante Murillo / Original music André Décosterd / Light designPeter Thalhamer / Costume and make-up Christine Hinterkörner /Rehearsal assitant Aurore Faivre / Photography Bernhard Müller, Juri Walcher /  Camera Dominik Tamegger / Edit Elisa Unger
Coproduction Verein kunsHupfer/ei (Àustria), Cie du Gaz (CH), ARGEkultur Salzburg, Centre de culture ABC – La Chaux- du-Fonds