Big Bouncers Collective is formed by Anna Rubirola , Cecilia Colacrai and Mireia de Querol.

The three of them are choreographers resident in Barcelona. At the moment they manage the activities of the Associació La Visiva. They all have a trajectory as choreographers, making their own work or in collaboration
with other artists, as well as with the pedagogy of dance. The Collective has received the Price Premi Sebastià Gasch, Aplaudiment a la creació emergent, FAD 2015, for the piece BIG BOUNCE. At 2018 they are nominated for the Critics of the Performing Arts Awards (Catalonia) with the piece O.V.N.I as the best national dance show.

They start to work together in May 2012, sharing interests and developing a common practice, with the goal of researching and deepening their knowledge in the field of movement and performance, and also of generating their own working methodology.

From the beginning of their work as a collective, they have developed three different lines of action: the creation of pieces for stage, the creation of performances for non conventional spaces “site specific”, and the pedagogy.

Until now they have created the pieces: Big Bounce (2013), Big Bounce Site Specific (2013), Doppelgänger (2014), I see a spider on the wall (2014), O.V.N.I (2017), Acte Reflex (2018) and Jungla (2018).



At the Mercat de les Flors will be held, from 11 to 14 April, CONSTEL·LACIÓ BIG BOUNCERS, a cycle dedicated to the Collective’s creative universe.


-11-14/04/2019: Constel·lació Big Bouncers. Mercat de les Flors

11-13/04/2019. 21 h (ds 21:30 h) O.V.N.I. Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona).

13-14/04/2019. 19h (Dg 18h) Si estiguéssim soles a l’univers, seria una gran pèrdua d’espai. Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona).